Improving nutrition through technology

Established as a subsidiary company under Saputra Global Resources in order to conduct research, production, distribution, and marketing of Essential Nutrients products, created using Saputra Nutrition Technology.

Being the leading pioneer in Essential Nutrients productions, the Saputra Nutrition Technology utilizes an in-vitro technique that mixes minerals with its precursors, resulting in several valuable benefits. The technology increases the cell’s ability to absorb nutrients to over 90%, thus lowering the cost for Essential Nutrient production as a whole. It’s applicable for the livestock, fishing and agriculture industry, while also easy to use in terms of implementation and storage.

PT Saputra Global Harvest
The Capitol Building
Jl. Letjen S. Parman Kav. 73 Slipi
Jakarta Barat, 11410

P: 021 - 5367 6965